Art Storage & Le Freeport Singapore

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Aside from Singapore, we have established numerous storage facilities in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo, all equipped with the following features:

  • Climate-controlled Facility
  • Fire/Smoke Detectors Motion Detectors
  • CCTV Surveillance 24-hour Monitoring Services
  • Dedicated Registrar & Barcode Traceability
  • Private Viewing Room
  • Bonded Facility (Singapore only)*

* Helu-Trans Singapore is an authorised company offering bonded storage facilities where artworks meant for re-export are not subject to taxation. Our premises are an extension of Singapore’s Free Trade Zone.

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Halcyon Media

Considered one of the world’s most secure and private storage, Le Freeport Singapore is the storage facility operating within a free trade zone and modeled after the Swiss Freeports.

Helutrans is one of the key service providers in this facility, with the following unique features:

  • Free Trade Zone*
  • Direct Cargo Access To/From Airport Terminals
  • State-of-the-art Fire Prevention
  • Maximum Security
  • 24-hour Accessibility
  • Climate Controlled Facility